About Us

Unored is the most powerful unique international news and media network of all times. As the technology advances and global distribution of audio and video evolve from commodity to necessity,

Unored is a true content delivery system and upgrades constantly to meet all technological breakthroughs. We have created the most sophisticated information news and multimedia network in the world. Our platform has evolved from transmission services all the way to developing ecosystems to identify the immediate need for your target member or affiliate of your organization. Unored is utilizing a high-end proprietary no risk infrastructure to create pertinent portal affiliation platforms for the faith-based, educational, and humanitarian organizations all over the world.

Our mission is to satisfy the immediate need to implement this technology in order to maintain the valuable flow of information, inspiration, and opportunities for building strong channels of communication. It has motivated us to extend a multi-million dollar investment to the local, national, and international markets. Our interest is that you may present or convey the visionary interest of The Best of the HIS Story to an audience that is hungry to be a part of such greatness. In this age, technology is a tool for life and we are called to equip the people as well as the organizations to truly make available the investigated truth through niche market content.